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Thoughts of a marcher preparing to perform
  • But what if the band ISN'T ready?
  • Oh shit, I have to pee
  • Is my shako on straight?
  • I wish I was drum major
  • ... No I don't
  • God, please make us not suck
  • Don't fuck up. Don't fuck up. Don't fuck up, Don't fuck up.
  • These band moms are out of control
  • Where do they find these announcers?
  • That's NOT the name of our hometown.
  • Dammit, Tyrone!
  • What... what... I.... okay...
  • Look at me. Just look at me. I'm so fabulous. You'd tap it. C'mon.
  • I just wanna go home, man
  • Standing at attention - you're doing it wrong.
  • That judge looks so high right now
  • What if I trip
  • What if I get hit in the face with a rifle
  • What if I get run over by bass drum 5 again
  • What if my pants rip
  • What if I fuck up that visual
  • What if I drop my instrument
  • What if I squeak
  • Holy shit, I'm so scared right now
  • What if everybody just started twerking... I want to twerk so bad now...
  • Focus, dammit, FOCUS.
  • I'm an idiot.
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What did the blanket say when it fell off the bed?

oh sheet

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Ausable River by Valerie Manne on Flickr.